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Everyday, we post a new deal of the day that ranges from installation accessories, to pro audio, to car audio. Each deal is well below our regular prices, and gives people a chance to get the item at awesome prices. Check back in this post day by day, as I will be updating it with new deals, or you can go to our homepage at

http://www.audiosavings.com where they're posted. You will also see our best sellers and other deals we have at the moment.

Today's AudioSavings deal is....





The all new SEX series by RE Audio replaces the older SE series. RE Audio subwoofers have been the best in the industry for a while now, but they just got even better! The RE Audio technicians and engineers have been busy for the last year and a half thinking of how they can improve their subwoofers. The new SEX series have a new magnet cover that aids in cooling the voice coils. These subs were also upgraded with flat wound voice coils. The magnets used in these are also slightly bigger than in the older SE series. The end result is a subwoofer that can handle more heat, meaning you can keep the volume up without the sub ever skipping a beat or getting tired! These subs go for days and weeks straight without getting tired or overheating!

RE Audio is known to make some of the best hard-hitting subs and amps. These are competition grade subs, which go super-loud. These are made with the best surrounds so they can withstand a lot of bass for long periods of time. With 600 true RMS watts, this sub is one of the most powerful 12" subs on the market. These are rated strictly. They do not have inflated peak ratings like some other lower brands do. This sub can easily handle a little more than 600 watts! That is how good they are made.

This is made to be a high excursion sub. This means it can hit a big range of frequency, and it can also pound a lot louder without over-heating.


  • Dual 4 ohm Voice Coils
  • 1200 watts peak output
  • 12" competition grade subwoofer
  • 600 watts pure RMS
  • Engineered with new magnet covers that aid in cooling the voice coils while protecting the magnet
  • Flat wound voice coils
  • Qes: .49
  • Qms: 4.5
  • Qts: .44
  • Free Air Resonance -Fs: 25.1 Hz
  • Vas: 72.9 liters
  • Overall Diameter - 12.5"
  • Bolt Hole Circle - 11.75"
  • Motor Width - 6.25"
  • Motor Depth - 3.25"
  • Basket Depth - 3.25"
  • Displacement - .15 cu. ft.
  • Weight - 22 lbs.
  • One-Way, Linear Excursion -Xmax: 18 mm
  • Efficiency - 86.1 dB SPL @ 1w/m
  • DC Resistance -Re: 2.8 ohm
  • Mounting Depth - 6.5"
  • Mounting Hole Diameter - 11"
  • Dual Composite 2-piece Cone
  • Rubatek Foam Surround
  • Cast Aluminum Basket
  • Tork-Tite Terminal
  • 3" 4-layer Aluminum Voice Coil
  • FEA Optimized Motor Structure
  • Triple Stack Maganets
  • Progressive Spiders
  • Wrap around Rubber Gasket

PRICE: $129.95


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