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Im new to D.7 D1 D1.4 etc im looking for a final impedance of .7 to 1.3 my question is what would be the final impedance on a single D.7 and 2 D.7s also same question with a single D1 and 2 D2s and same with the D1.4s

wtf so confused as to what your saying?

just take your OHMs/#ofSubs=final load.

ex 2 subs at 4 ohms 4/2 = 2ohms

I guess what your saying is

.7/2= .35ohms?

.7/1 = .7ohms

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If you have two DVC .7ohm subs, you have essentially 2 options:

  • series/parallel, final load .7 ohms
  • series/series, final load 2.8 ohms

(there's also parallel/parallel, but you get .175 ohms and that's unreasonable.)

Basically, if you wire it in series, you add the resistances. If in parallel, you divide resistance by the amount of resistors (voice coils in this case).

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