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About to purchase a dd1 but have a question. Epicenter?

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Hello everyone! New to the forum and have found alot of useful info. So im in the process of building my audio system, amp should arrive friday and im picking up my headunit tomorrow. Im actually excited with this project. So my question is how would i set the gain on the amp using the DD-1 with an epicenter in the system?

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Yes its does

Build Under Construction

Head Unit = Kenwood DDX514

Amps = Kicker 750.1, Going to install Sundown 1500D v3 and Sundown 125.4

Battery = XS D3400

Wires = Kicker RCA's, 0 Gauge street wire and Stinger

Mids and Highs = Stock

Sub= Kicker L7 12"

Alternator = 220 Mechman

Sound Deadner= Fatmat and Stinger Road Kill

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