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i currently have a jl audio 8w7 and i love the quality of sound,very smooth, clean and low response but would like a little more output.i've considered the ovvious, a second 8w7 or going to a 10w7 but would like some other opinions. i am very interested in the sa-8 v2 and am sure there would be more output but courious about the sound quality. basically i am looking for the low frequency response of a large diameter sub, a 15 or 18 without that much volume,i just don't want it that loud. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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sa 8s or dc 8s or dd 8s

Legal TL scores145.6 on the dash sealed up in the low 40hz area with the port out145.5 on the dash sealed up @30hz with the port inless then 1k clamped on a 3.5k!

Why would you EVER WANT flex?
huh?...flex is what can make the lows lower and more air being pushed correct?

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i would run 2 sundown sa 8's

they sound amazing, i bet even better then the w7

blasphemy. what you said should be completely ignored because you've never even used a w7 before, so you have nothing to compare it to.

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Your enclosure is going to be a bigger deciding factor on low end frequency response, authority, and sound. I'm wondering if you don't have it in a factory prefab sealed enclosure.

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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