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well im moving to australlia

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depends who you know..im use to paying cost (still more then usa) or i buy and ship with big companys..like how i baught my dc 9k :)

AUSTRALIA do i need say more?

HU: some crap pionee

AMP: dc 9k @ 18v

SUB: 4 elevation audio sqx 12"

Battery: 2 neuton power 8200d

burp setup for fun 152's

soon to come: rebuilt soundstream xxx (2 18" OR 3 15" wall) Bunch speakers, more batts and new HU

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LOL if you buy from importers over here, you will need to pay in arms and legs lol. it's a joke over here. So before you come bring heaps of high end audio gear lol. and don't listen to james. All the HONEST score's are set in Brisbane ;) hahaha

australia03junehl4.gifCURRENT SET UP

Factory HeadunitGladen dual splits

Audio helon 4ch amp

Audio Helon 9kwrms monoBlock

2 15" Custom built Pap subs rated at 3kwrms each

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