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EPIC COMBO DISCOUNT MechMan alternator + XS power batteries = big savings

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So here's the deal-

You have a big system.

You need batteries for your amplifiers to perform.

You need a high output alternator to keep the batteries charged.

We're here to help.

For the remainder of the month of May 2012, we are not only offering 10% off any MechMan alternator , but ALSO will apply a 10% off discount AND free shipping on any XS power battery that you purchase ON THE SAME ORDER as the MechMan alternator. Forum discount combo code XSCOMBO must be mentioned at the time of ordering, all standard MechMan discount rules apply. (see previous thread) Discount valid for phone orders ONLY.

This means that you can complete your entire charging system upgrade with HUGE savings, all with one phone call!!

Don't forget- There is only 15 DAYS left until June 1st, so save now while you can!!!

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The staff at MechMan are incredibly helpful, I was able to reach customer service reps without any issues.

Just put in my order, looking forward to receiving the product.

Thanks guys.

You are welcome!!!

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