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Well I downloaded tyga's album on itunes only problem is I cant actually see the file in audacity because apple has a death grip on it... I was wondering what the original verson of rack city peaks at. I know all decafs stuff is around -5db. My system is set to -5db so I usually check the songs I play to make sure they are not over that. Is the music off itunes store good quality, clean? Thanks

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That's not because Apple has a death grip on it. Its because Audacity doesn't "ship" with the needed codec.

You may be offended by the above. Don't take it personally, I'm just abrasive.

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LOL its not that Itunes has a death grip on it, its that Audacity can't import M4A files so you just need to right click the song in the Itunes player and choose to convert to mp3 and you will get a 320 mp3 version in the same folder. Itunes stopped the DRM crap years ago

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Thank you all for the info, I got the plugin so I can open itunes songs now. What do you do If the song is under -5db where your system is set to? I don't want clipping. Faded was showing -0.6db. wow Do I just turn it down or is there a way to make it -5db?

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