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Difference in tuning from 32hz and 35hz??


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1 4" would be enough for a SX10.

Every time I read "I need X sqin per cuft", I want to throw my phone down on the floor and watch it shatter into pieces. :)

Current system:

1997 Blazer - (4) Customer Fi NEO subs with (8) American Bass Elite 2800.1s

Previous systems:

2000 Suburban - (4) BTL 15's and (4) IA 40.1's = 157.7 dB at 37 Hz.

1992 Astro Van - (6) BTL 15's and (6) IA 40.1's = 159.7 dB at 43 Hz.

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Im really debating it cuz i feel like im running into that prob ... but shoot man decisions decisionss! I know im just running 1 10 and you guys are prob like cmon man thats weak shit but im just tryin to get this shit bangin for all its worth! haha

Thanks for all your replies guys i appreciate it

02 Ford Focus ZX3 hatch

4-Infinity Kappa 682.9cf's

DC Lvl 4

Hifonics BRZ 1200.1 @ 1 ohm

Kicker Wires

Rockford RCAs

Future Upgrades

Knu 1/0

XS Power D1200

80 mil audiotechnix B stock

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3 hours ago, fishchris1 said:

Come on bro, the difference in 32hz and 35 hz, is 3 hz  <img src="> lol


Did you think you could stump me ?  <img src=">

Dude, that’s a 8 year old thread. There’s no need for that. LOL!

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:stupid:“How can we help you?”
“And don’t forget to tell them that 
the customer isn’t always right.”

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