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Want XS Power in your local shop???

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hell i would love to see a xs power dealer where i live so i can see other people here run it out of all 3 stereo shops i went to one was a kinetik and the other was stinger third one did not even sell battery's but i gave xs power business they seemed to like the 3 year warranty on battery's but idk how serious they where the other problem is people here are cheap anytime i asked someone about there stereo it was always a mainstream brand they had

people who have bought from me Team Bassick (ALPINE) Purplehaze nidus

head unit sony dsx-s310btx
subs 2 12 incriminator audio king of bass
subs amp incriminator audio 20.1
mids/highs amp incriminator audio 6.4
equalizer clarion
crossover interfire
alternator 1 mechman 240amp
battery's xs power 1 d2100 2 d3100
sky high car audio 1/0 awg ofc wires

memphis car audio 1/0 ofc
xs power xs flex 4 awg

sky high car audio 8 gauge ofc

sky high car audio 12 gauge ofc

t spec rca

check out my building log http://www.stevemead...frey-build-log/


check out audio gear i have for sale





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Buy in can be as small as $1,500.

Nathan looks like you have enough people on this page to start some thing. I am in for a D3100, D3400 or xp3000 or 2 I am only pushing 4300 amps.

King dingalingIts not finished till i say so [email protected]^!

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That's not really what's going on here.

Side note, interested Alaskan members pm or those with my contact hit me up.

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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Isnt getting a product in stores a salespersons job and not the consumers?

a well devoted consumer will always be awarded when helping a business. for us in alaska getting xspower batts at a cheaper price just by being able to save on shipping could and would save us hundreds of dollars. i am more then willing to help out a respectfull business as long as i to can benifit from it even in the slightest way.


2 t2d4 15"

1 t600.4

1 t400.2

1 set p1 tweets

singer alt, tons of wiring, smd vm-1, 80prs, back seat delete, still in the works, aiming for a 145-147 with the ability to play 25hz up to 50hz.

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Our shop needs to go direct with you guys.....i'll talk to the owner

My POS Bass machine-
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe on some shitty 22's
Bed Liner Paint Job-Pioneer AVH 3200DVD
4 DAD BD series 15's in a 4th Order (Bassheads ENT Design)
4 Arc Audio XDI2000.1 for the woofers
6 Cadence CVL68MBX 6.5's-Cadence CVL88MBX 8's-6 Cadence XT20 Supertweeters
2 Arc Audio KS300.4's for mids and tweets
1 Arc Audio ALD 10v Line Driver
All Audiotechnix Power wire
1 DC Power 270XP High Output Alternator
1 XS Power D3400 up front....6 XS Power D3100's in the rear
Air Lift 1000 Bags in rear to help with suspension
If your still reading this GFY.......

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Isnt getting a product in stores a salespersons job and not the consumers?

Once more, your attempt at negativity is only outweighed by your logic. This post addresses customers who want to see XS products in their local shops. A market hugely defined by products that have a great return in profits, cheap to make, bought in large quantities, and then sold at a dealer mark up. Having a consumer tell a shop they want X lets the shop know the opportunity is there and so is the demand for the product.

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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