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First Meca Show

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So yesterday I finally entered into a meca competition. I'm running 2 addictive audio 12's on a Audioque 2200 in a blowthrough enclosure. I have a 300 amp alternator from dc power and a xs power d925 for my electrical. Got a 144.3 on the termlab with a 34 hz tone. I really liked the experience and hope to enter into some more comps and hopefully get a little louder. Does anyone have some tips that i can use? any input would be appreciated.

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Word of advice push every rule to the limit. Also if you ask a question on email save it. I had some trouble with rules for my class last year. They told me I couldn't run something then I got to finals and they allowed others to use/do it.

Vehicle: 1995 Impala SSHead Unit: Pioneer AVH-P4400BHMids And Highs: (still deciding)Batteries: 1 Deka Group 34

Time to make a race car.My Build Log: Solo X 12"http://www.stevemead...don15zzz-build/My Build Log: DC lvl 4 xl 15"http://www.stevemead...don15zzz-build-My Wall Build Log: 4 Lanzar 15's/ 3k+ RMShttp://www.stevemead...t-by-techforce/My Feedback:http://www.stevemead...1

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What's the lowest size fuse you think I can get away with? Will a smaller fuse result in me getting a lower score?

not really its just hard not to blow it start testing with a 60a fuse see how much you can turn up the volume before it blows... slowly turn it up..slowly!!!!

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