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First Meca Show

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no its the source level adjustment on my pioneer deck. I had it at 3 during the comp. today i set it to 4 then re tuned with my dd-1 and my max volume decreased to 33 out of 40 instead of it being 34 out of 40. just curious about this.

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ok,first of,the class you're in,is hard.guy's hit over 150db's in that class.addictive audio,i think is one of your problem's.they're not compition sub's.if you're box is built right,i would change up those sub's.you can be louder,but it'll cost you.i couldn't make that show,but i'll try to make the fresno and maybe san jose one.i would be more than glad to help you out if i can,if you decide to continue this,and make more show's.

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There's a lot of tricks to get louder... I assume you were at corcoran show... were did you put mike? Driver seat passenger door open works best for me.. upgrade the 925 to a bigger batt.... 3100 would be best..what's your voltage drop to now?...ill help you out at shows...I've seen addictive get loud so stick with that for now... I'm curious on what your box looks like and who built it...


VEHICLE:98 chevy tahoe 2wd 3-4 drop

HEADUNIT:alpine 9886


FRONT STAGE:4-6 1/2s selinium,DD component set and 4-selinium tweeters in each door

KICKPANELS:jl audio 5 1/4

REAR DOORS: dd components 6 1/2s

HIGHS AMPS:zapco 750.2 on front doors,zapco an another 750.2 on kicks and rear doors

SUBS:4-ascendant audio 18s with 5 spiders in a custom box built by KINGSUV

SUB AMP: 2-dc7.5s

ALTERNATORS: 3-mechmans 1- 425comp, 1-smd spec350, 1-270 with adj voltage harness on custom dc bracket

WIRE:10-runs 0g front to back


TL results:157.1 at 38hz and 156.8 at headrest score @37hz. STATE AND NATIONAL RECORD IN MECA S5.

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addictive audio,i think is one of your problem's.they're not compition sub's
I have 2 15's in my truck,no wall,or cut-through,same amp,and I do 149 db's on music.A lot has to do with your box.But just from experience,some sub's don't get as loud as other's for the same price range.

i find this contradictory, considering the subs he is running are essentially identical to your hdc's.

OP, stick with the addictives. Im not an addictive fan, but they can get loud and will handle your amp all day without breaking a sweat. Im almost certain you can burp on 60a, and techically you would be allowed up to 75a in m2. For your first time out, thats a respectable # at a low frequency

Team Flex Issues

Low tuning > God


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