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Help Needed whit my sound system set up!!!

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Hey what up!

I have a question about my set up i just want to know if is enough or do i need something else, Im not gonna be competing or on car shows or what ever is just a descent sound system, so please just help me to se if that enough or is OK whit that, honestly i dont want to hear that theres other better brands or so, because i know theres probably better things but as i say im not gonna be on competitions also i like the way MTX 9500´s sound and also i get this because i get it "cheap". Well heres all the info:


Pioneer DEH-P4000UB (Just by the moment, im gonna get a better one).


Front - MTX TX6 component / Rear - MTX TDX65 coaxials.


MTX TE-604 (4 channel amp) / MTX TE-1501D (Mono amp).


MTX 9500 15" T9515-44 (I have one at the moment but im thinking getting another one. What you think?).


Audiocontrol In-dash Epicenter and THREE.2 equalizer.


Optima Yellow top as main battery, PAC SPR-200 (Isolator and monitor) , Kinetik HC-2400 as audio battery.


Streetwires ZN9 RCA cables and KnuKonceptz 1/0 ga Main, ground batteries and sub amp cable, 4 ga voice amp, 8 ga remote cable, 8 ga Subwoofer cable and 16 ga Speaker cable.


100 sq ft of FatMat Rattle trap and Dynaxorb for doors and sub-box.

Heres a picture of what i have (I have change some things like sub box, epic-160, THREE.1 and blue battery. Now i get the custom sub box, In dash epicenter, Three.2 and black battery)


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Are/have you done the big 3 yet

HU: Pioneer AVH x5800BHS SP Amp: AQ 120.4 Front SP: Hertz Hsk 165 Rear SP: DD cxs 6.5 SW Amp: Crescendo BC2000d SW 2 DC level 3 12" Electrical: Stock alt for now XS D2400 XS D3400 Knukonceptz Kolossus Second skin damplifier

On 8/8/2012 at 4:50 PM, Brandon15zzz said:

I heard he actually graduated college with a 4.0 gpa. Seems pretty gangster.

On 8/29/2012 at 12:25 AM, ILoveBass21 said:

he could blow a sub powering it with a potato.

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The only thing I can think of that you need is another fuse at the rear battery..and a Big 3. But I may have missed that in the post, Im tired.

this lol

honestly, i would do two runs, one + one -

great start but you need, strippers, wire nuts, butt connectors, shrink tube, more speaker wire(never use the factory's)

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Looks like you have all the bases covered man, im curious to know if the dynaxorb will actually be of any benefit inside the sub enclosure. I was actually researching it quite abit and several people stated it has no effect because of the wavelength of low frequency. So it would be interesting to find out how your experience with dynaxorb goes.

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I had that same sub for about five years. It was okay. Not bad but not great. It got loud but didn't do well on the lows compared to my Havoc. Maybe it was the box. Anyways, looks like you have a nice start.

Vehicle: 2007 GMC Denali

Headunit: Pioneer AVH-8400BH

Sub Amp: Rockford Fosgate T-1500bdcp

Sub: Ascendant Audio Havoc 12"

Electrical: Big 3, Dual Batteries, Stock 160-amp alternator

Wiring: RF 0 gauge

Box: Custom built 1.89^3 net

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Thanks all for your answers. i have all the tools and crimps to do it all.

armykyle1 what do you mean whit the one + one?. Also i have all the tools and crimps to do it all. ¿I have like 14 yrs of installation experience, but to be honest i dont know much like in custom mades or sub box specs. theres many things i dont understand, but i know the basics).

Cadillac John About the fuses i have them all to connect both batteries, amps and everything.

bassface honestly i didnt do any research about it i just saw it was for that and i want it to try it, but for sure i let you know as soon as i connect everything.

07denali Thanks for the info, and i will made a 3.4 cu ft at 30 htz so i hope that works, i know theres many other better subs, but hnestly i had one 12 before and it handle what ever i trow on it, heres the link of my old truck whit that sub that im telling you.


you can see the pics on the bottom.

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