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Do you recommend Hifonics amps ?


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i live in Europe and i had a bxi2010d shipped for $40 + duty from vminnovations...

I'm very happy with my amp and have had no problems, the only thing i dislike is that the power terminals are angled down

My System (in VW golf/Rabbit mk2)

(1) Hifonics Brutus 2010D @ 1ohm

(1) Hifonics Zeus 440 Mids'nhighs

(3) JBL W10Gti subs

(2) JBL GTO838

(2) JBL GTO936

(1) run of 3/0 Gauge ofc

(1) Ac Delco120ah 850cca battery (front)

(1) Ac Delco 45ah 330cca battery (rear)

(1)Sony Gt630ui hu

34hz tuning


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If you're so far away, you can save/pay a little more and get a better amp.

(I'm not an Hifonics lover !)

budget around 250$ what could i get

if thats your budget, does that include shipping? What does shipping cost to where you are? If that is your budget with shipping, you're limited to Hifonics and the like...

woman..cant live with em...cant shoot em...guess were all fucked

You might be a Redneck if you use your leftover gutters for a speaker box port...

YOU JUST LOST THE GAMER.I.P. Blazer=========================Last setup was in the 141s on music (37hz) with 2 12s and 1kw in a 4dr blazer.2010 Mitsubishi Lancer DE2 12in Clarions (kept from blazer)HiFonics BRZ1700.1d (at 2 ohms BLOWN) [JBL GTS180X for subs currently 60wRMS x2ch!!!!!! This works for till i get the blown amp fixed] Alpine 4ch salvaged from blazer (currently near death)9887 peerless 7s in the doors and CDT tweeters ran active no speakers in the rearKintik HC1400 under the hood.metered once a while ago, dont remember it...was piss poor compared to the blazer, mid 130s i think....looking to replace subs and amp when i have money.

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