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Coming Soon: Psyph Morrison "The diamond in the mudd" (Album art inside!)

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Sign me up for a copy! I fucks with Psyph!

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My POS Bass machine-
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe on some shitty 22's
Bed Liner Paint Job-Pioneer AVH 3200DVD
4 DAD BD series 15's in a 4th Order (Bassheads ENT Design)
4 Arc Audio XDI2000.1 for the woofers
6 Cadence CVL68MBX 6.5's-Cadence CVL88MBX 8's-6 Cadence XT20 Supertweeters
2 Arc Audio KS300.4's for mids and tweets
1 Arc Audio ALD 10v Line Driver
All Audiotechnix Power wire
1 DC Power 270XP High Output Alternator
1 XS Power D3400 up front....6 XS Power D3100's in the rear
Air Lift 1000 Bags in rear to help with suspension
If your still reading this GFY.......

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i listened to it from the first song to the last on my headphones......and it sounds amazing. Every song. Then i listened to it in the Tahoe. WOW. Beleemeeee its a heater. Just wait!

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All SMD products available here! http://www.wccaraudio.com 

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Dude i want a CD signed from Psyph man ill drive to sacramento for that

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That's why they don't deliver.

Yer ass better go sit along the side of the road and wait.

You can't expect them to travel up some dirt road in a hick / back woods town. Thats how horror movies start :D

I explain things very simply and use analogies in terms of Pickles, and grape drink, pool noodles and jackhammers...if you can't put 2 and 2 together there man, There simply is not much more I can do.

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Can't wait, Yeah

SOUNDSTREAM Logo. (I love it!)


Head unit: Soundstream VR-931NB 9.3" Touchscreen
Soundstream SPLX-152-HX 1250W RMS

Soundstream DTR1.3400 @ 0.5 ohm
Soundstream DTR1.900 Mono Amp (8"sub)
Soundstream R3.8 500W RMS 2-Ohm-(Rear Shelf)
2x Soundstream DTR4.500 Amp-(Front and Rear doors.)
2xSoundstream RF-60C " 2-WAY Reference (Front and Rear Doors)
Soundstream DTR4.680 Amp (4"Front Door speakers & 6x9's- Rear shelf.)
Soundstream Tarantulas 6x9's 150W - (Rear Shelf)

Soundstream Tarantulas 4 inch 85W -(Front Doors)
Dynamat Equipped- Doors and from back seat to back of boot

Soundstream TWS.3 -tweeters on Front dash.

FatMat -roof aligned
Knukonceptz RCA's

Knukonceptz & Stinger distribution blocks

KnuKonceptz Kolossus Flex 1/0 Gauge Blue-Power

2x runs of 1/0 Gauge from front to rear.
KnuKonceptz Kolossus Flex 1/0 Gauge Black-Ground

KnuKonceptz Karma Twisted Pair 8 Gauge Speaker Cable-Subs
KnuKonceptz Karma Twisted Pair 12 Gauge Speaker Cable- 6x9's/6.5's
KnuKonceptz Karma Twisted Pair 16 Gauge Speaker Cable-4"& Tweeters

Soundstream 600amp SCELL

will be upgrading 2x bigger Batteries

Big 3 Up.

2x Excessive Amperage 300amp alternators.

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