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Ground to the Chassis or Run a Ground Cable? CE Auto Electric Supply Partners with D'Amore Engineering to answer - Video on Pg 5!

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Wouldn't it have to do with potential and trying to maintain the cleanest path for the circuit. Seems to me running the wire is going to show the best performance.

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path of least resistance. too much resistance in the standard unibody chassis. I also believe that copper is the best conductor when pertaining to current flow. with this stated, I would ASSUME run the ground back to the battery.

my brother is a very skilled and experience journeyman electrician, Im going to ask him his thoughts because i think it will be interesting to see what he says, even tho he deals with AC

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Either way, I always run Positive and Negative power wires front to back ( no mater if the vehicle has a frame or unibody, or if the wire is CCA or OFC).

However, I also ground my front starting battery to the frame/chassis as well as my rear battery bank (which ever is available on said vehicle).

You also got to factor in the system wattage and the current dray going to be used. Does this vehicle have a tiny alternator, or a larger 140-180amp stock alternator, is it a high output alternator capable of 240-400amps of current? Does the vehicle have the "Big 3" upgrade done?

If your tossing a tiny 1000wrms amp ran at 1ohm with a 2-3X impedance rise, Im sure that amp will not be drawing much current, and full run of negative power wire will not help much.

Now if your going to be running 10,000wrms I feel extra runs will help drastically, and I do not think you can say that it will or wont help with a larger system unless its tested.

After all, every install is different, and even if the car and install was identical it is very possible for one car to respond totally different than the other car on the termlab.

Even tho there maybe minimal changes in running a dedicated ground or using the vehicles chassis/unibody/frame, you will always gain running ground wires on the termlab.

Especially when your looking at cars built for DB Drag Street A, B, or C.

A Honda CRX with minimal sound dampening.

Vehicle off during its competition runs.

A single group 31 battery (800cubic inch or smaller) under the hood.

People run up to 40+ runs of power wire front to back (half the wire is positive other half negative).

Multiple street competitors have tested it, and with every run of power wire ran they kept gaining tenths on the termlab.

Now sure this style car has no where near a traditional system like most here do, while it only has two to three woofers (dependent on class), the cars are pushing usually a couple 7,000-12,000wrms amps ran at 0.18ohms DCR with voltage drop into the low 8's if not 7volts and put up numbers in excessive to 158+ db and all being done with the car off, 1 battery and excessive runs of power wire..

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My theories have already been explained in this thread. Honestly, I am definitely tuned in for some real-world testing and results. Theory can only get you so far.

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I'm thinking that since most people don't run a ground from alt to battery, but rather alt to body/frame, the answer is no. Running 10 1/0awg runs off a 3/8" battery terminal is kinda pointless. I'm not a rapper.

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