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leather wrapped ferrari

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they're so common that they need to show even more to prove that they have money to throw around? lmao, I think a Ferrari is enough to prove that lol

They dont know what to do with all their money smh.

they could give to me?

Or me lol.

Build Under Construction

Head Unit = Kenwood DDX514

Amps = Kicker 750.1, Going to install Sundown 1500D v3 and Sundown 125.4

Battery = XS D3400

Wires = Kicker RCA's, 0 Gauge street wire and Stinger

Mids and Highs = Stock

Sub= Kicker L7 12"

Alternator = 220 Mechman

Sound Deadner= Fatmat and Stinger Road Kill

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shits mean but as stated before you cant drive it, imagining driving it through some country roads and getting bugs all over it then having to go home and clean it lol fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk that....But hell just pay someone to clean it.

whats wrong with fat chicks? they are like mopeds, as long as your friends dont see you riding it, they are a blast! hahah

I am dumb as a stump. I live in the south and we are all dumb here.

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who ever did it, came out darn good and i bet expensive as hell. but i dont know what yah think



" There's not a limit for the eccentricity and ways to show off. In some places such as the French Riviera it's not enough to own a supercar because they're common to see. If you want to stand out, you have to make it unique, and most of the times it means also overkill. This Ferrari F430, recently bought by american rapper The Game for 200k $, it's finished on the exterior with a full leather wrap done by Dartz. Is this the new frontier of extreme customization?"

- Marchettino Technical data - Ferrari F430 F1

Engine - 4.3L V8 with 490hp / 465nm

Performance - 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) acceleration in 4.0s, top speed 315km/h (196mph)

I'm gonna hate

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1996 GMC Sonoma
Four Fi BTL Neo 18's In 2:1 6th Order Bandpass
2 Ampere 5k's @ .5



On 10/20/2013 at 0:37 AM, KillaCam said:

Fucking with a Prius driver is like making fun of a disabled kid. Pussies.

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