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as long as they're inside and not in a humid/dry/hot/sunlight condition..

inside the house in the boxes is fine.. outside.. you will be looking at dry rot on the surrounds and heat damaged spiders i would imagine.

09 Civic EX


(2) SKAR Audio VVX-12

Skar Audio SK-1500.1

4 cu ft @32 (new box and more port soon)

Firing Forward not sealed off

Stock 80 Amp Alt

Big 3 In 1/0 Knu

2 Runs To The Back 1 Pos 1 Neg In 1/0 Knu

DD-1'd 13.8v drop

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gonna have to say no.

Driving my 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 MEGA cab with the 5.7 hemi.

Audio: Two 10" Alpine Type R's ( 1000rms models )

Hifonics BRZ 2400.1D @ .5 ohm

Two Kinetic 1400 batteries ( soon to have XS power under hood )

Tsunami 1/0 Awg wire throughout truck.

Stock Infinity 7 speaker system ( Junk ) soon to be replaced, probably all Alpine.

Exterior: 17"Dick cepek rims with 33" Toyo MT tires

Bushwacker fender flares

Magnaflow true duel exhaust

LED tail lights with Projector headlights

Plasti-dip fun coming soon!

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no, and even if something happens to the soft parts, they are a recone away from 100%. but to answer your question, no.

Best Score to Date : 160.5 dB Outlaw (47Hz)[4 XM 15's & 2 Taramps Bass 12k's]

BL :  http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/147800-chevyboy95s-4-15s-7krms-wall-1533-db-on-half-power/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/hitemwiththeflex/

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i had an orion h2 sub sitting in my closet for a while. It was perfect working condition when i put it there. When i took it out, the motor was shifted and locked up the voice coil. When i took it apart, i found that the motor was only glued to the frame, and the glue had failed. I dont know if the dc sub is made this way, but if its bolted up, it should be ok.

99 GMC Suburban

2 Death Penalty 21"

2 Crescendo BC2000

Boston GT-42 Amp

6 Selenium 6w4p

4 Crescendo tweets

Hi output cs144 alt

Audiocontrol Epic-160

Pioneer DVD head unit

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If you neglect them for too long they'll begin to suffer from chronic depression, even suicidal thoughts.

It just isn't fair to deny them of their potential. And doing so, can lead to irreparable emotional distress.

2005 Subaru Outback Wagon Pioneer 9400BH Fi Q 15, SAZ1500dV3

The first build>>> http://www.stevemead...-outback-build/

140.9 @ 36hz Sealed on dash!

REBUILT!!! 2 Fi Q 15s, 2 SAZ1500dv3 146.9 @ 39hz dBDRA certified

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as long as they're inside and not in a humid/dry/hot/sunlight condition..

This ^

And depending on the climate where you are, even being stored inside can cause mold/mildew to form on the surround and spider if it's humid.

Storing them with the cone side down would also be a no-no

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