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How loud can a single sa8v2 really get

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these are running in a 1cbft box...and i have a RF power 1000.1 running them......in my my opinion from a standpoint of an 8 in woofer they can get loud

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RF power 400.4 RF power 1000bd

3 Sundown x8's d2
2004 f150 single cab
2 sets of components MB quart 6.5 onx (2 tweets 2 6.5 perdoor)
stock batt up fron



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So how do gauge daily loud? Ear o meter?

04 dodge dakota ext cab 4x4

excessive amperage 300 amp alt with MONSTER stud =)sundown z v3 15 in a 4th order on aq2200sundown 100.4 2 way active...2 Prv audio 6mb200 & 2 re XXX tweetersdeka intimidatorkenwood x396big 3 1/0 knu wire back to deka intimidator

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Depending on your current setup

On same power, 2x sa8v2 will more then Likly be louder, then what you have and compaired to 2xtypeR12 idd say very close to equale, but the 12's will be slightly louder but only down low, where cone counts,

As far as what you have now you could fit 3-4 sa8 in the place of 2x 10 and then no dought will be louder, but you'll need more power for that

without proof, i doubt 2 8's will be as loud as 2 12's. considering they can handle the same amount of power. cone area is king

wouldnt car acoustics play a huge role in whether or not 2 8's is "louder" than 2 12's

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I upgraded to a SA-8 v2 from an Alpine SWR-843D.

The Alpine was in a sealed box and if i had to guess, one SA-8 v2 is easily as loud as two of the Alpine.

I had them on same amp running both for a bit, an Alpine MRV-M500 (not at the same time) so it was a fairly easy comparison.

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Im running 2 and they are very nice. I get plenty of compliments and get asked if I have 2 12's.

2012 GMC SIerra CC

System Build


Sub Amp--DC 2.0k


Enclosure--Need one made!!

Highs Amp--Sundown SAX-100.4

Front Highs--Rockford Fosgate T2652-S

Rear--Sundown Neo Pro 6.5

XS Power D2400--XS D3400

No Big Three yet!


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I haven't read any if the other replies so this may be way out if context in the current discussion of the thread but I will say the following:

I run a single 8.

I have a 98 escort wagon.

Single DD1508 bought off a member on here

Aero ported 1.5cuft box iirc, I could find out for sure if you really wanted to know. Built it based upon multiple dicussions with Ray and a few other people vastly knowledgeable and experienced.

RF Prime 500.1 bought off here from teejay

Pioneer HU bought from a member on here

Stock batt stock alt

For me, it sounds great, gets the lows so hard, and just has a great overall response. Plus it doesent take up much space so I still have room when I travel.

My "dream" system which is what I will do in my next car, which will be either a Mazda speed 3or6 wagon/hatch or a suburu wagon/hatch

Is like that one pretty good guy on here that did a single 12" hertz sub fiberglassed in the rear left compartment of a red suburu forester.exceot I would stick with an eight.

But really, a quality eight (the sa8v2 being one if them) in a well designed box, can have GREAT output

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I saw bass barbie did about 145 iirc on two SA-8 v2 subs. sooooooooo 72db give or take a few db

Edit: but really, it all depends on your box, placement, your car, power.... etc it's too hard to tell. best way I would gather info would be to ask others who ran a single 8

^ The decibal system isent linear.. as in all things equal in the above setup with only one woofer it would be in the 130's. General rule of thumb for all that is double the wattage +3db (small but noticeable), double the surface area +10db (double perceived volume)

2x Sundown SA-15s 8 cubes tuned to 30hz sealed in trunk Soundstream Rub 1.1600 Soundstream Rub 5.800 4x Kinetik hc600

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