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Contact Adhesive for LLP?

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Just what emp said.

A few other solutions to look for/at are:

HH-66 Vinyl Cement

AmRep/Misty Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

3M Super 80

The main thing to to find one that is safe on/for foams. Some adhesive will dissolve the foam layer on the LLP... not what you want.

And you don't have to apply it all over EVERY square inch. The main thing is to keep the product from moving/sliding around.

Our counterpart Don over on SDS uses sticky backed industrial strength Velcro instead of contact adhesive. This works awesomely as well.

Have a question about Second Skin? E-Mail me!


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Thanks for all the help guys! It put it down this morning and it made an amazing difference!! Next, I think I'm gonna do the hood kit! Ha ha.

Float mounted IPad Mini playing through Bluetooth

IStreamer for Iphone or Ipad

Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.3

RE Audio XXX 6.5's in each door with a second set soon to be added to the front doors

Two Rockford T600-4's for the components

Blowthrough with two Sundown SA-8's

RF T1500-bd's for the subs

8000k H.I.D.'s in headlights and fogs

Lifted 2" in front and 2" in back (soon to be installed a Suspension Maxx 1.5" body lift)

17" Ultra Rogue 175's on Nitto Trail Grappler 285/17 70's

Undercover Bedcover

Surco Roof Rack

Five Hella Lights on front bumper

270A Mechman Alternator

Two Optima Yellow Top batteries

Dynamat double layered each door and roof, quadruple layered on back wall, single layered on floor with Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro on top.

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