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Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Starting my second year out of five.

2003 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT (Yea its got a Hemi)Alpine CDA-105KnuKonceptz 0ga CCA

Big 3 with Yellow Top

15" SoundQubed HDC3DC Audio 1.2K (Bass)Pioneer 6x9's (Front)Pioneer 6.5's (Rear)Kicker 3.5's (Dash)Sony amp on the highs. (Hey it was free)

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I have an AS Computer and Electronics engineering technology

going for my BA Electronics and Communications engineering technology

at ITT

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English major, creative writing track.

My Channel on YouTube. Check it out for cinematic-style Car Audio videos.



New 2014 Scion TC 4th Wall Build



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computer programming. 2 classes away from an associates in networking too. but...it's hard around here to get into the field without any experience. i'll probably have to intern for a couple years to get any experience worthwhile.



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I'm at Sac State for Biology :69: , pre-med-ish even though I'm not going to an actual medical school after

I want to be done before I'm 30 damn lol

in a million, trillion, kabillion years,i would never play that song in my ride. I don't care if its clipped or not LOL. I feel like my nads got clipped after playing this for 15 seconds just to see what it was LOL.

No thanks bro. Not into it.

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Certificate and A.A.S. in Culinary Arts from St. Paul Technical College

B.S. in Food Systems in Technologies with an emphasis in Food Communications from U.W. Stout

Going back to University of MN to get my Masters in Food Science or Food Chemistry

Firm believer in letting my cars do my talking!

You can't rush quality, it doesn't happen overnight. Quality takes time and dedication, but the end results more than pay for it.

"Black Pearl" Build Thread


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