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Termlab Scores!

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150.1. 2 dc5ks from a trunk ( 2 15s 4th order)

133.+ 1 dc8 in a tline from a trunk on 240rms

you were able to do a 4th order all in the trunk with 2 15's :shok:


Grand marquis trunk.... its a good soild 7 "body 'ier"

But yes all in the trunk, should have new louder #s in a week or so with new amps


Santa Cruz Speaker Box

Build logs:

Daily Driver Lemon Marquis

2 american bass 750.1s

350.4 on 14 focal 6.5s

sq 945 on 4 hertz tweeters

Mystery subs peepwall.gif


The Mustang 'dubbed' Shirley the project from bullet holes to badass


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1990 240sx

151.0 (43hz) at the dash with driver's door open - termlab

Car running but due to some wiring issues voltage was drooping to mid 11's

3011rms clamped

1 Level 5 15" with 2 dead coils (2x 2ohm left)

stock 80amp alt + 125amp alt

1 walmart deep cycle up front, 1 fleet farm deep cycle in back

4x 1/0 gauge (1 per alt power, 1 battery to battery pos. and one battery neg to neg)

Audiopipe ap30001d at 1ohm (just a hair over 2ohm with box rise)

4ft3 after displacement, 3x 4" external rear firing precision ports tuned to 38hz, sub up firing

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newer score

156.2 at 35

before MECA world finals, i am sure i can reach closer to a 157

Team Clearly Louder (MECA)Team DC Audio

++* SELLING the CACTUS SOUNDS K12 for $1550 shipped *++


3 flips. nollie flips. big flips. hardflips. - steez

Youtube Channel My Build Log

95 Bonneville SSE

- WALLED/4th Order - ~30 cubes -

*thanks LoganBerry, CortezDVT, Cj18, SuperCharged DC, Ryan-RAM Designs,LoudNLow931*

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I have had good luck with the DC subs in my last few attempts to get loud.

Jimbo built for music had 8 xl 15s, burp 164.7 dB, bassrace 162 dB.

Vanessa SS 1-2 build had 2 prototype NEO 18s 166.4 dB.

Riprock Trooper testing the first prototype NEO 18 178.3 dB. Would have been louder but limit of the paper cone on a single sub.

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03' Nissan Xterra

270 amp Mechman

(6) D1400's


(4) DC LVL 4's

4th order wall

This weekend posted a 152.8db on a burp...not 100% happy with it, but on the power thats not to bad!

On a 30sec avg - 150.1db - Playing Psyph Morrision of course!

Now time to play around with the setup and see if we can make it louder...need power!!!


(1) AQ3500d

(1) AQ4x90

(1) Audio Control Line Driver

(4) DC LVL 4 15's

Cresendo Mids and Highs

100' of 0/guage

Big Three

Mechman 270a Charging @ 16.5v

(6) XS D1400's

Highest Termlab Score 149.9 at the kick & 166.1 in the Port/ on stock electrical and 1 DC XL M1

Updated JUNE 2012*****MY BUILD LOG



Team DC



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