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Crimp wire end to end + solder??

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I just went ahead and purchased some non-insulated butt connectors and some new crimpers from Klien Tools.

I'll dip the ends of the wire in lil dielectric grease, crimp it, then heat shrink it. Trying to twist this crap together to solder it seems impossible.

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Nonononono. Do NOT dip them in grease or anything else for that matter. A crimp holds in wire by friction. It 'grabs' the wire and holds on to it. Try grabbing and holding something covered in grease. Doesn't work so well.

Plus if you plan on soldering(even though you don't, just food for thought) the grease will obstruct proper solder adhesion and penetration.

A dry connection and adhesive lines heat shrink will do exactly what you need it to do my friend. No need to over complicate it with dielectric grease ;)

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