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I think I need 1 more!

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i'd say 7 and your tower would be better :peepwall:


Two 12 inch DC XL's

Carbon Fiber Cap

Stetsom 7k

Shell of box / baffle built by me

Port / sealing the box by John Hone

Fuck midrange



price has no influence on how something sounds

I told him to move the fucking port.

they see me hoppin they stoppin they can't believe im so white and dirty

It looks like you got so drunk, that someone came up and stole your leg.

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2008 BMW 550i M Sport

Build coming soon!

2000 Volvo s40 1.9T
Pioneer DVD navigation head unit
O2 audio performance mid range speakers
2 Crescendo PWX-6 Pro Mid Range Speakers
2 Crescendo PWX-8 Pro Mid Range Speakers
4 Selenium ST200 Super Tweeters
Hifonics ZRX2000.4 Amplifier
2- 12 inch DC Audio Level 4 m2
Hifonics Brutus BXI-1610D Amplifier

2 KinetiK HC1400R- Secondary Batteries
Kinetik HC600- Secondary Battery
Knukonceptz 1/0 gauge big 3 upgrade

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i think all i need is 1!! haha badass though cant wait till i get my xs power

idea22.jpg ALL CREDIT TO XX1 FOR DC BANNER 3178gvp.jpg

down rpping vanderbilt. 30 miles from victoria. i own the 3rd loudest setup here out of 3. but i did put together all 3 setups

strapping 2 amps together ? like bolting them next together? using bungy cables to hold them down? or wiring separate amps to each sub

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