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We are proud to announce our entry into the subwoofer market. We are on pre-order right now, they will be shipping by Oct 15th.

The AF (Alta Fedeltà) series of woofers have been optimized for very small sealed or medium sized ported enclosures. They were designed for the highest sound quality in the smallest space. All of the drivers in this series feature:

  • • Aluminum cones, aluminum dust caps, and aluminum voice coil formers for maximum heat transfer from the voice coil to the cone. This helps keep the voice coil cool during high output.
  • • Rubber surround for long life
  • • Tinsel leads woven through spider to minimize unwanted mechanical noise and increase durability
  • • Single 4 ohm voice coil to minimize moving mass and lower distortion
  • • Triple shorting rings to minimize distortion
  • • Nickel plated binding posts
  • • Each driver individually tested before it ships
  • • Detailed Speaker Performance Report with T/S parameters FOR THAT SPECIFIC DRIVER ships with each unit. (An industry first) Sample Performance Report

All the info you could want here:





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Great to see this, cant wait to get a preview video. Looks like yall have produced a great sub.

2005 Chevy Colorado

Pioneer avic-x930bt

Alpine pdx-m12

Alpine pdx-f4

Focal is 165

Focal ic 165

Sundown SA 15 D4

Kicker 0/1 OFC power wire

Kicker 12 awg speaker wire

XS Power D2400

DC Power 270 H/O Alt

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Fs = 23hz WTFFFFFFFFFF. Can you say low as fuck t-line???????? :P

* Eclipse CD3200 with PAC SWI-CAN2 and SW-ECL2 Steering Wheel Controls Interface
* Pioneer D-Series Mids and Highs ( Fronts: TS-D1702C; Rears; TS-D1702R and Dash; TS-D1002R )
* Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 ( Mids and Highs Amp )
* DC 3.5k with Dual Inputs; Custom Plexiglass Backing ( Sub Amp )
* Rockford Fosgate Balanced Line Driver

* One FULLY LOADED ~ 10" DC m2 XL
* Custom Built Carpeted Ported Box Tuned to 32hz. Single Chamber With Volume of 1.44618³ ft ; 1.13216³ ft After Displacement
* Custom Built Carpeted Trunk Wall with Added Fans for Amplifier Cooling
* MechMan 240a High Output Alternator

* KnuKonceptz Krystal Kable RCA Cables
* Upgraded Electrical With 1/0 KnuKonceptz Kolossus Fleks Kable and 1/0 Sky High Car Audio Cable
* Five Exide Orbital ORB34M Marine 12 Volt Batteries
* PowerMaster XS D3100 12 Volt Battery

My 2008 Chrysler 300 Limited - SuperCharged 3.5L V6 - UBL

My Old 2005 Ford Taurus - CarDomain - Vehicle Was Sold

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You say medium sized ported boxes nut do you have any box recommendations or are they still in the works?

I've gotten a blowjob and picked up my iphone behind her back to see what email notification I got from smd before

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Tony I've always wondered this and hoped you could explain it to me,

Why use aluminum cones and dust caps? Wont that make the cone and dust cap stay hot, not allowing the coils to cool down?Or does it work as a heat dissipation method?

under construction

I hate People with crappy primered cars rolling on hubcaps that are louder then me.

u hate c-fizzy?

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