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1988 Cavalier,widebody build,one piece flip ip front clip...a long drawn out build...

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So awesome. This thread will never die- even if Timmy doesn't post in it.

I stay amazed at the skill and labor involved.

12 - 12"s in the STAY PUFT 1989 Chevy Astro

Build & Comment Log

Un-Interrupted Build Log
YouTube Channel

Chevy Trailblazer 5.1 Dolby Digital DTS Install

You have a beard of a mysterious sea captain. I would follow you to hell and back.

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Insane. So much fiberglass... Oh how I wish I could do something like this. Is anyone having trouble seeing the pics. Just says posted image?

2005 Ford Focus zx4

AMT's and Planars

18" Infinite baffle

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Poor Cavi gettin a facelift. Body kit is gettin cut for a new one.







2004 Bagged Trailblazer

(4)18" Sundown Nsv3s
(4) Taramps HD10000s, Taramps DSP3000, Lanzar opti 250x2, AB 100x4
(2)DC power SP 270s, (14)XS Power d3100s, (1)d6500


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Bump . This thread needs to stay alive. Timmy you are a sick man. Can't believe how sick this build is.

no more bumps.

He has made one post in 6 years. This section is moved and archived. I will leave it "read only" so you guys can still see some of his past work.

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