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1988 Cavalier,widebody build,one piece flip ip front clip...a long drawn out build...

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you know...... yeah, ummm not really feelin all those crazy lines drawn all over it and well, HELL, Fucking awesome as always bro!! in that first pic with the exhaust cut out it almost looked cut out!!

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Dude.. what I don't get a replt to my post? J/K. I just want to know what that taped up stips of foam is on the rear window?

lol,,,,,,whats up Jeremy.....The strips on the back window......they are there to protect it..when I put the trunklid back on

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lol i thought you were going to do one of them mexican style sloted window covers that covers the whole window .....

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aight i have an idea for your car paint. my brother in law did this on his truck and it looked baddass. he painted it flat black and drew a demon lookin skull with some red rattlecan paint. the truck looked so mean and awesome i loved it.

o btw good lookin on the glass bro


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Wow that is some amazing work, very nice job.

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Looking good GP

eh, all you need is a couple small heaters, and you will be back in business. no time to wait on the cold, ya know.

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