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What is this? A ninja pic to spark up discussion


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So what specs we talking about? We all know it's gunna be the SMD v2's! 5000 Continuous 10,000 Program? Looks like Steve just found another reason to get the RF CP series amps! ;) Let's see if we also get 21's too! :P

6000 watts dammit! That's the magic number, 6000!

Now, when is RF coming out with a T3500-1bdCP, that's what I want to know?

2006 Cadillac Escalade

2/3 drop on 28" wheels

Two RE SX 18" subs

RF T2500-1bdCP amp, 3531watts on birthsheet

Custom carbon fiber sub box

EVERYTHING else is stock, for now

149.4 @ 37hz, Termlab, dash, open window on two AQ3 18s all stock electrical, wired to .25 ohm on a RF T2500

148.8 @ 36hz, Termlab, dash, open window on one AQ3 18 all stock electrical, wired to .5 ohm on a RF T2500

147.8 @ 38hz, Termlab, legal, sealed on two RE SX 18s

146.4 @ 36hz, Termlab, legal, sealed on one RE SX 18

Link to my hack-built, stupid, carbon fiber wasting project.... http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/149946-carbon-fiber-box-update-1494db-37hz-on-tl/


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