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500 Watt Pumpkin Sound System (Feat. Rockford Fosgate & Soundigital)

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Hahaha - I was just thinking about that sub in a pumpkin from last year - always moving forward! :)

Side note: When I saw the "Just Meade..." I thought "Just Meade, myself, and I"

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RF 12" P3D4

RF 300.1 ~ BC: 430w

4 x Infinity Reference 5012i

B-Quiet Extreme

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PLASTI-DIP the inside of the pumpkin to make it last longer.

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lower tuning is just hard. I was surprised how loud 145 sounds at 35hz, and how quiet 145 sounds at 50hz.

-= 2005 Tahoe LT =-Head unit: Pioneer AVH-X5500BHSSource: iPad Mini in dash

Subs: 2 T1 12's

Sub Amp: T1500-1bdCPWire: Rockford Fosgate 1/0 awgSignal Cable: MonsterFronts:Stock Bose for now:)Rears: Stock Bose for now:)MIds/High amp: Stock Bose for now:)

2005 Tahoe Build Log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/172529-2005-tahoe-my-17th-vehicle/

2001 Monte Build Log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/160030-2001-monte-carlo-my-16th-car-lol/page-2#entry25309381997 Tahoe Build Log: http://www.stevemead...oe-6-15-rf-15s/2001 Impala Build Log: http://www.stevemead...katzkin-inside/SMDSig3-26-12.jpg

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That is one ugly ass jack o lantern! pumpkins look cool tho :P

whos the girl wearing gloves to "gut" the pumpkins ????


Some people need a sympathetic pat... on the head...with my hammer

Scientia est Vox

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Clean! Waiting for the video

2006 Chevy Trailblazer ~ KX 1200.1 ~ 2 Skar VVX 15" ~Big 3 upgrade ~ Pioneer AVH 4100 ~ 275 Amp Singer Alt ~ PRV 6.5 front doors~ 6000K Hids

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That is one ugly ass jack o lantern! pumpkins look cool tho :P

whos the girl wearing gloves to "gut" the pumpkins ????


last year i actually got all that pumpkin gut all in between my nails and my skin......actually ripped the skin in that spot from scraping with my nails. Took about 3 days to stop hurting. So this year, i used gloves and a scraper instead of my hands :D

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Damnit Steve, your pumpkin system puts my front stage to shame.

Great work, as always

Source: Parrot Asteroid Smart

Processor: Digital Designs X1

Amps: Soundstream Ref 4.920 + Soundstream Ref 4.400 + Soundstream DTR 3400

Front stage: Hertz 165xl + HL 70 + HT28

Rear fill: Hertz 165xl

Subs: 2 SA-12's

3-way active ftw

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