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I have a 2nd VERY SIMPLE Question . . .

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AMI - think about this for a second . . . if what you say is true then every single accessory in the vehicle would be grounded to the battery negative terminal. Let's not confuse "low resistance ground" with "ground".

In addition, the battery is not really "in circuit" with the accessories in a running vehicle with a properly functioning alternator. Since the alternator has a higher voltage potential, Ohm's Law dictates that current will flow from it to the accessories and into the battery. The battery is unique in that it at times supplies power (IE - start the engine) and at times it consumes power (IE - maintaining a surface charge).

I do have a reason for asking this question. I'll address that soon.

So I guess depending on when you are requiring the current in "time" would depend on where the electrical return path would come from. Car off, the grounding path of the whole car returns back to the battery. Car starting, uses the return from that same said battery source path. Car running, alternator as grounding point. Okay, I'll agree with that. So why in your other "simple" question, would the ground wire from the block to the battery not be useful? After all the battery is there as a maintaining source for when the electrical consumes more voltage then the alt can deliver. Would you not want to decrease resistance so the flow recovery is that much faster? I think depending on the electrical demand, the battery, or batteries are very much an important part of the circuit.

HELLOOOO WHAT BOUT DIS ^-------------------------------^


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My attention span is too short for all this waiting

Oh look, Squirrel!

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not many cars can get me to pluggin my ears but this one.......damn. I mean the first minute is ok but that thing just really starts digging deeper and deeper in your earhole till you cant stand it no more. Seems like it does it with relative ease....16 12's on 8 amps.........gotta love it. :)

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