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Charging Systems 101 - Video on Page 3!

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Next lesson should be something geared towards batteries. I know Tony has been listening to us all talk about how many and why we need that many.Is it anything you can tell us to help improve our knowledge about this subject?

In regards to?

Nothing in general just trying to see if you had anything you would like to educate more people on. Seems like everytime you get set on something and make these videos I learn something new and get rid of something old. Great job in doing what you do. Thanks

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Nice vid Tony, I liked the 2 cents myth you put in there when u disconnected the battery neg. lol I guess I can see your point now. The ground reference changes so your constant is the chassis regardless. Nice job!!!

That was just for you my man - lol. Funny story. About a week ago, I called a REALLY good friend of mine that is someone that I've learned a great deal from. We discussed this "where is the ground in a vehicle" topic and he also said - battery negative. I asked him, "are you sure about that?" Now keep in mind, that this is a person that I consider to be a mentor and he is infinitely smarter than I. His response, "I'll bet you lunch. I'm going to prove it." His rationale was that one could remove the battery positive lead while the vehicle was running and this would not cause a running vehicle with a properly functioning alternator to quit running but the negative was a different story indeed - it WAS the ground for the vehicle and without it, it would be impossible for the alternator to work.

[Readers - do not attempt this. I repeat, do not attempt this.]

He puts me on speaker phone, started his Toyota truck, and proceeds to remove the negative terminal from the battery. Guess what - his truck continued to run. His mind was "sufficiently blown" (his words) for the day and he remarked, "I learned something today."

AMI - I learn stuff every day. All it takes is an open mind and the realization that we don't know everything.

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i liked this lesson!! learned a great deal!!

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I totally agree my mind was in the same thinking as your friend but once you actually see it happen equal mind blown as he put it lol.


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I've taken the battery out of my truck whilst running with no problems. Reason being I needed a jump start but had no cables. Neither did the Good Sam that stopped by. We both had old Chevy's at the time. The video, however is very informative. Also as snafu states, DO NOT try this at home.

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