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DC Audio 8 m3 ** Vid added page 9**

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That 8 does look pretty spiffy, I like the outlining on it

Team Sundown Audio

**CURRENT** -- 2012 Scion tC Build Click Here

**OLD** -- 2002 Pontiac Grand AM Build Click Here
check them out, slap me a comment

2002 Pontiac Grand AM SE 2.2l 4 cylinder ecotec.

Head Unit - Alpine CDA-9887
Subs - 2x Z 12 v.2s - v.3 + NS Soft parts
Amplifier - Sundown Audio SAZ-3500D
Enclosure - 3.33 Cubes tuned to 34.66hz
Front Stage - JBL P660c 6.5" Components
Rear Deck - Powerbass 4xl 6.5" Mid-Range
Front Stage Amplifier - Sundown Audio SAX-100.4D
Wires - Kicker Hyperflex 1/0, KnuKonceptz 1/0, Knu 4 and 8 Gauge, Kicker RCAs
Electrical - 275 AMP DC Power H/O Alternator, XS Power S3400, XS Power D2700
Videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/BeAILsTaR13

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Oh man, these are looking sexy as fuck! I cant wait to see the prototype in action!

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Regular CabPioneer MVH-P7300Orion 800.4Planet Audio Big Bang series 6.5 componentsJL G17002 Diamond Audio D610D4's

Build log

women drivers no survivors

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I like it, I have a shit load of 8's that I don't use or I put in close friends cars. I love the way the beefy little 8's look Cody can put me down for 2 of these for sure :good:.

2013 Dodge Charger

Build Log

1996 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0
Build Log

2005 Honda Civic LX Coupe

Build Log

My Selling Feedback



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I like everything besides the metal fencing on the basket that prevents us from seeing the coil, I like being able to see the coil moving when subs are inverted also being able to see if the coils cooked or not :D but that's just my opinion!!!


If we use it the purpose of it is to keep foreign objects out of the gap

that's what I figured, i've seen some people use fiberglass insulation instead of polyfill inside their sealed boxes, that shit got everywhere on the subs, especially on the mesh on the basket (VVX 12's)

people are known to also not clean out all the mdf dust from there boxes when there finished building them and it get sucked into the motors

I had a dream about this last night. For some reason I put my freshly reconed lvl 5 in a manhole cover which had 6ft3 of dug out dirt and some kind of port and was hammering on it and kept thinking that all that dirt and shit was going to get sucked into my motor hahahahaha. WTF :rofl2:

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you got some weird ass dreams bro...

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2002 Honda CR-V
Alpine 9887

My Build


Second Skin Damp
4 DC XL 15's
2 DC 5ks
Singer 320 amp
6 cap banks
Sky High wire
2 VM-1's

all under window line

Team DC Audio

Obama has a law he's trying to pass right now, trying to ban Leo for being a threat to children everywhere.

EDIT: Not in a JP kind of way.

I thought I was going to die from all the jizz filling my ears.

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