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What do you guys do with old car audio equipment?

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im a horder..... i have a closet devoted.....nothing special in there.....but i have lots of 4 awg and door speakers and cheap motors and baskets. a couple crossovers and eqs , a couple caps, prefab for 2 12s, misc, etc. no one wants to buy what i have...even craigslist which is surprising.

wait....i do have those 2 old ass mtx 15s..... thats about as nice as i have (they are mint). also a dc 15" cone and 3 inch coil from them (dual .5). shit if anyone wants to buy anything pm me lol (except the coil and cone those are MINE) <-lol

if i could sell the stuff i would.

i think there real i was looking through that guys stuff he sells and it looks like he finds stuff at auctions and just sells it

Yea, it looks like someone got the mids about a month ago....shit. If I had a whole Hertz front stage my ears would jizz all over my cheeks.


My Low Budget Build:

Green 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon 147k- $1K

headunit- pioneer premier deh-p650-$25

4 Lead acid batts. 1 up front and 3 in back- vented outside.- $50

4 vvme L11 10"s <- $30 shipped a piece

6 cu. ft box (after displacment) tuned to 32ish hz with 10 inch sonotube. -about $50 all together maybe a lil more

2 aspm 1300 strapped

Selenium 6"s in the front doors on headunit power- for now -$20

quantum tweets in door-for now -$10

boston acoustic 5 1/4 in rear doors- for now-Free

big 3

1/0 and 4awg throughout.

roof sound deadened (not peel n seal ftw)-free

on 80 amp alt (bench tested to put out 100 amps faithfully) <--?-$10 for test

about $430 for everything<----Not bad at all

still gotta add 3 way crossover, amp for front and rear door speakers and maybe eq

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im alittle weird i think on what i do with my old stuff. If i come across old school 90's audio i keep it will not get rid of it.

i will but stuff and sell it most of the time. but what i do it i sell it every other purchase.

Say i buy an amp this week, then i buy a new one next week to replace this weeks, then 2 weeks from now i buy a new one, well on that 3rd purchase i sell the 1st one and then on the 4th i sell the 2nd. i rotate my sales to every other time. just because i know that every time i buy something is better then the last. unless of course i get a really killer deal on something.

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