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RIP David D of Team Skar Audio - **Funeral Donation Fund Info**

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My donation is coming after i get paid. He was a great guy, and id love to pay my dues by helping support his funeral. Like most bass heads, im pretty broke... but just like how we scratch together $$ for our systems. Ill scratch together some for david. Hope heaven has some Skar equipment for him. Kevin how much is shipping on his 4 zvx's and 2 4500's to heaven? Ill gladly pay that if we can get it there.

Sorry if the joke was bad, His system was awesome and so was he!

My old YouTube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/SwordLords1234?feature=mhee

My old build log : http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/161872-96-accord-b2-sundown-sky-high-dc-power-re-re-build-for-heatwave/page-37

My New Build - http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/207041-2016-mazda-6-sql-build/

2016 Mazda 6 Touring

JL Fix 86 - OEM signal correction

B2 prototype DSP 6to8

B2 Ref63 - 3 way active set

2 B2 Class H quattro's

1 B2 Zero.5R @.5

2 B2 HNv3 12 d2

B2 SLIP40 - Lithium in the trunk

Northstar Group 35 under the hood

100ft 2/0 welding cable

30ft 4ga welding cable

20ft 8ga welding cable

All stinger OFC speaker wire

Soundrive custom RCA's

Tons of attention to detail.... Can it be perfect?

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yeah still in shock, I made a donation....

William - Metter,Ga. Dad, Self Installer/Fabricator & Repair Tech, Weightlifter, Motivator,

Team SKAR Audio Captain, Team Deadly Hertz Georgia Leader
99 Toyota 4Runner SR5, "Rolling Thunder"
Daily Driven, No Wall, C-Pillar Build, BASS LIFE!
2K16 SBN MECA Park and Pound DB3 Champion
2K16 SBN ISPLL Real SPL Class F Champion
Second Skin Damplifier Pro, Kenwood eXcelon KDC X498, Clarion EQ, Knukonceptz RCA's
The Big 3, Sky High Car Audio OFC & Kicker Hyperflex Silver Tinned 1/0 Gauge
Singer 340a Alt, Northstar NSB-AGM31, SMSAGM480, 12 NessCaps Super Caps
Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty Line Driver, The Oval Port Tuned To 31 Hz, CNC Machined
4 SKAR ZVXv2 D2 15's, 2 SKAR SK-4500.1's, 4 SKAR PAX 6.5's, 2 SKAR LP-80.4's


If you don't have any haters, get some, best motivation there is...

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Updated in case people didn't see it somewhere


Edited by MaliBOOM


MaliBOOM v2"2010 Bagged Malibu on 20s"<< click here<<<

Excursion on 42s Build log<<Click here<<<

[email protected] @TheAutoSkin

Owner of The Auto Skin

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Donation on the way.

Also, I copied the rest of this post from my post in the other thread.

I still haven't stopped thinking about him and his family since I heard the news. I didn't even know him, but it feels like it's affecting me way more than even the deaths of some of my own relatives. I guess it's because of the way he went.

Found another article. I don't think it was already posted, but I just found it (venture into the comments if you dare, since a large chunk is negative in some form or fashion)


Edit: I may not have an aftermarket sound system yet, but I've been playing my stock premium speaker setup full tilt as much as possible in tribute (responsibly of course :))

2016 Ford Focus SE

No build log yet
DC Audio 1.2K
2x DC Audio Level 2 10"

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