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Out at DC HQ for the week!

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I got my ass handed to me by Rusty's van!

heard it at the lake perris show,that van aint no joke.Lol

2000 Suburban 6 runs of 2/0

12 timpano audio mids,6 timpana audio tweets and 1 timpano compression horn per door 

8 banks of blue Maxwells + 260ah of Yin Long LTOs 

2 370 Amp Autotech Alts 

mids amps 2  Crescendo Skyway 3ks 

Tweet amp Crossfire 2000.4

sub amp: 4 Crossfire XT 8ks

Subs: 8 18 in Crossfires in a 4th order

Best Scores at events…

[email protected] DBdrag  sealed on the dash… 162.54 outlaw…161.14 Meca headrest 



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see you guys tomorrow! though i wont play justin bieber cody lol thats a bad feeling getting crushed with his song lol

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I threw that shit away. It got to the point where i tossed alot of them because I was tired of looking at them. I finally started to get the hand of it at the end of the day. It just 1 glue joint that is really tricky and has to be perfect. I will post pics of the first coil I tried tomorrow.

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