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Out at DC HQ for the week!

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Here ya go for all you picture whores

Here is the first coil I did yesterday before Rob let me practice. I still think it is better than his first though!


This is MUCH better. Coil for a Level 3 15 that I built with Robs help.


Level 2 12, this was actually the first sub I built today. MUCH easier that any other subs.





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Level 4 15s for Kryptonite. These subs I can say I built from start to finish on my own. I got Rob to check each step for me just to make sure I was doing everything to his and the DC standard.





They look soo perty, can't wait to get them in the car. Still can't believe rob called me a hooker though....lol


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On 8/2/2013 at 8:13 PM, n8ball2013 said:

this is much worse. Its old n8 without the time or patience to hold fucking hands. I'm supposed to be doing school work but yet here i am making sure jr fuck fuck isn't trying to poke the other kids with a stick.

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Rob being Rob.


That's the new dust cap for the new DC m4 Square series. :ninja:
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Quality is all in how you take pictures ;) I have plenty of projects that look WAY better on camera then in person :D

crazy to fit so many in so little. Reminds me of some of the porns I've seen?

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