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Out at DC HQ for the week!

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Ok now this one is for everyone who doesnt know that the Level 5 has been TOTALLY redesigned. Left to right, you have the Level 6 coil(4"), Level 5 coil(3.5"), and XL coil(3" coil).

Now to address I question that I constantly get and always see posted. Since this change was made to the Level 5, there is no such thing as a Level 5 upgrade or Level 6 upgrade for any of our subs. The Level 5 can only use the coil that was specifically designed for it. Same goes for the Level 6. The XL uses the best 3" coil DC offers. The Level 4 often gets a coil and suspension upgrade. The XL coil is the coil that is used for this upgrade, not the Level 5. The Level 5 coil is a 3.5" coil and physically will not fit any of the 3" coiled motors(Level 3, Level 4, and XL)


Level 5 coil on the outside and XL coil inside.



Level 6, Level 5, and XL


Level 6 coil vs 2" coil



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