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DC Audio's 12 Days of Christmas Sale

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Here at DC Audio we are getting into the Christmas Spirit and are pleased to announce our 12 days of Christmas Sale.

Here is how it is going to work. The sale will start on December 5th and run for 12 days, through December 16th. For the duration of this sale, ALL subwoofers will be 10% off of MAP pricing. The 1.2k and 2.0k will also be 10% off of MAP pricing and all recones will also be 10% off.

Now we couldn’t have a 12 days of Christmas Sale without offering something extra. Each of the 12 days, we will offer 1 product for 15% off for that day only. But don’t worry if you miss out on what you want, you will still get the 10% off no matter what on any of the 12 days!

Day 1(Dec 5th)- Level 6 18 15% off

Day 2(Dec 6th)- Level 5 15 15% off

Day 3-4(Dec 7th & Dec 8th)-XL 18 and 2.0k 15% off

Day 5-6(Dec 9th & Dec 10th)- Level 4 12 and 1.2k 15% off

Day 7-8(Dec 11th & Dec 12th)- Level 3 12 15% off

Day 9-10(Dec 13th & Dec 14th)- Level 2 15 15% off

Day 11(Dec 15th)- 2.0k 15% off

Day 12(Dec 16th)- 1.2k- 15% off

The products that are being offered at 15% off were chosen because they were the most popular in each Level over the last 3 months.

Don’t see the product that you want listed on special? Don’t worry, EVERY SUB is 10% off during this sale!!!!

All orders placed by Dec 16th should arrive by Dec 24th, just in time for Christmas. If you are worried about your order arriving in time, please make sure you place your early.

All Level 2 10s and 12s will ship the first week of January. We are waiting on parts for them to arrive back in stock and they will not be here in time to ship before Christmas.

Sales for this will be handled the same way as usual. I will post a thread specifically for this sale with all of the info listed above. All you will need to do is post your shipping zipcode and product that you are interested in and you will receive a PM with the pricing for the products that you request. If you decide to place an order, myself(Cody Johnson) or corona_jeff(Jeff Smith) which ever of us you are talking to, will send you an invoice via paypal that will be able to be paid with paypal or any major credit card.

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas from everyone at DC Audio!

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This is such a great thing to see that DC is growing so well as a great company.. We have all now seen the pics and updates Cody has provided for us on his visit to DC.. It has shown all of us the awesome Subs that are hand built everyday... Hopefully everyone can take advantage of these great deals.. :)


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and remember guys. Cody and Jeff are your only source of DC audio on the forum. If someoen else approaches you they are not authorized to sell or give you prices.

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Could I possibly get a price or do i need to wait?

Gotta wait for the sale to start on the 5th. We wanted to give everyone a heads up and a few days to get ready and know the sale is coming.

you boys are gonna be busy lol.

I hope so. Rob already has a few big orders that he better get knocked out the first of next week so he can get ready for these.

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Is for anyone. But you are an Smd member already so it wouldn't matter, myself or Jeff will be able to help you out.

Also, I see you are asking about level 2 10s. If you read the bolder red in the original post, you will see that the level 2 10s and 12s will not be able to ship until after the first of the year.

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