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Sundown X-10 / X-15 / X-18 Prototypes Here

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Just got them in and QC tested them all on the bench; very happy so far. Still need to get them fully charged then run preliminary specs (have to send them out to do so as our magnetizer isn't in yet) -- but we are still stiffening up the surrounds so those will only be ~80% accurate initially.

This is also the first look at our tooled 18" spider adapter piece !

On to the photos (video of the 18" is uploading) :










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- Jacob Fuller

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that basket looks reeeeeally beefy on the 10s, I guess i didnt notice on earlier pics but jeeez :P


2010 Hyundai Elantra

Factory Unit via 4 chan NVX LOC

Excessive Amperage "H/O" Alt

Xs D3400/ Xs XP3000

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DD M3b and 2 12" AQ HDC4s

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those things look sexxxxy! :)

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When do we think preorder will open ?

he wouldnt be the first to say they did a 167 with a system like that (one that clearly DOESNT), but i have to say, he didnt beat me anywhere, ive never competed against the guy. If he thinks his does a 167, mine would probably put him in a coma. :hairtrick:

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First video of the X-18 up.

I've noticed some confusion about these testing videos; all of the drivers we test exhibit a similar sound at very high travel -- bit of a "whopping" sound is the best way to describe it. It's a combination of BL distortion (as we always push drivers well past linearity) , some mechanical (as drivers are a little noisy at high throw when not in boxes) , and also the camera mic itself doesn't do so well when that close to a driver creating that amplitude of sound.

- Jacob Fuller

- Owner, Sundown Audio

- Sundown Audio on FACEBOOK

- Please DO NOT PM ME -- use my email address -- [email protected]


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All I can see is massive foams and tiny little motors (I hope I am wrong, but that's what I can see from the pictures). Are those subs shown in the pics the "greatest" series? Or there are better to come?

2007 Peugeot 206 1400cc 75hp

Head Unit: Pioneer DEH 80PRS
Speakers+Tweeters Amplifier: 2 x Hifonics Colossus Generation X3
Bass Amplifiers: 2 x Taramps HD8000 (quadraple copper terminals by Toolmaker Metalworkz)
Tweeters: 6 x Digital Designs VO-B2 + 4 x Beyma CP21/f
Midrange Speakers: 20 x 8" Beyma 8M100 Nd
Subwoofers: 2 x Digital Designs 9918 walled
Alternators: Mechman 320A universal + Bosch 260A
RCA: Dragster OFC twisted triple shielded
Wires: 0gauge big3 upgrade with SP audio, Currents with SP audio, Grounds with Rockford Fosgate
Batteries: 980AH of power with copper rails.
Alarm: Python 5303P

So far 161.4 dB with a Cadence 9kW @ Salamina 2014.

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