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Sundown X-10 / X-15 / X-18 Prototypes Here

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Yea, but my wife stays mad at me so there is that aspect of it. hahaha

Yea, rebuilding for the umm...6 or 7th time now. lol.

Ehhh if she's been around for 6-7 of them..she probably wil lbe there for a few more..or maybe this will be the final one? lol


Also sorry for taking this off topic...my bad. Great looking subs I'm excited to get my hands on some.

MY BUILD *****http://tinyurl.com/gmcbuild*****


2005 GMC Canyon

CB1000r - Currently where any future funds are going. (exhasut,bazzaz, ohlins shock, screen, etc.)

crf250r - Used to be race bike..now I just trail ride..practice at the track on it.

CH80 - Daily beater (when nice weather)best 150$ ever spent. 100+mpg

Sold to:

Skullz - pstone11 - Leo1103 - Volvo 63' - pavelpardo - imnew59585

Shower farts still piss me off.

I think theyre pretty neat. When the water runs down your crack as you let one out... its like shitting in a crockpot.
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Man i keep checking sundownonly for pre order on some 18s lol i got a credit card buring a hole in my pocket

down rpping vanderbilt. 30 miles from victoria. i own the 3rd loudest setup here out of 3. but i did put together all 3 setups

^^ Cant wait to swalllow Ghost's babies

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I'm ready to buy me a pair of 12"s. Pre order Pre order Pre order!! LOL. I need some low end monsters in the hatch. :)

90 Nissan 240sx

Avic z-140bh

Audison SR4

Audison Voce 6.5s

CDT es-20 tweeters

Sundown 1500v3

(2) DD 9510's

3 cube box 2 6" aeros

XS Power D2400 & Xp950

Skyhigh/Knukonceptz/Rockford Fosgate wiring

More Coming Soon.. Check my builds below.

97 Civic Hatch Build

86 Caprice Build

you can pick up a chick in a car... I think it'd be hard to roll up mackin on a broad sittin on a sundown. My opinion

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I have a revised stiffer surround for the 10" frame in stock to test -- working on re-building an X-10 motor. As I don't have all of the new parts available in bulk yet this X-10 will get a Z v.4 coil and spider -- and I'll compare CMS to the Z v.4 10" I made. As CMS is the only figure I really need to know to figure out if the surround is stiff enough.

Here are a few pics of the X-10 soft parts and motor that haven't been show yet :


* Original parts; 60mm long 3" D4 coil


* Fun pic with parts upside-down on the motor and frame


* Very tall pole extension to keep the coil from smacking into the top plate when it leaves the gap (as the suspension allows that much throw) + the top plate has a small bevel on it as well as another safety measure. The tall pole extension also gives us more linear x-max.


* Frame on the motor. One thing about the new motors with the tall extensions is that they won't work on "standard" frames as the pole extension would be too tall -- unless, of course, one machined customer spacers to get the basket higher. Other coils will work on the gap but other frames aren't practical to use (except other tall frames like the Ti style).

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- Jacob Fuller

- Owner, Sundown Audio

- Sundown Audio on FACEBOOK

- Please DO NOT PM ME -- use my email address -- [email protected]


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when can i buy 18's!!!!! ive been waiting 6 months for the nightshade 18's and they still havnt dropped. when are they going to be availible at my dealer???

Walled 2002 buick century A.K.A "Betty sue"

polk 5 1/2 front doors

4 3in pillar speakers

DD 3518's

AQ 3500 v2

90ft of 0/1 ga

tuned to 40hz

:build: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/162721-buick-built-in-trunk-fi-sp4-hifonics-2400/

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