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Haha u think so?

Once you've been on this forum for awhile, you'll that there are certain people to respect and certain people to take advice from. Btw i think there were enough people by now that answered your repetitive question.
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Hey CJ, I built a box for the sub that was 3.56cuft with 49 inches of port tuned to 35hz and It seems like the output is kind of missing. Is there anything I can do to get better output, like a different box or something? Because I feel like the sub should be much much louder then what it is right now.




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THat would be the first place I would start. Without seeing/hearing for myself, it is very hard to diagnose and fix anything, but the amplifier is where I would start.

Maybe try dropping your amp down to .5 ohm and just be careful with the gain first and see how it likes it. The box specs you posted look perfectly fine. If it doesnt sound right, the issue has to be coming from somewhere in line with the settings or amplifier itself.

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