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Performance Audio Lexus LS460

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Cant stop looking at the pods.

They work there bro,..... they work.

Hella nice.....

(i just went and stared at them again...... im waiting for my laptop to freeze like it does when i stare at sexy "pics" like this) :wackit3:

Like your work mang...

EDIT- oh, and Ray? How much for a wrapped beer bottle? You have my paypal !!...

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Pioneer Premier P880PRS ll Front Stage: US Acoustics 4060 - Random speakers currently ll Sub Stage: Crescendo BC3500D - 15" Xcon sealed @ 3.28 cubes ll Electrical: - Kinetik HC1800(front) NEW***DieHard P-2(rear)

beaker- I know this sounds like a lot of anime bullshit, but it is true.

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Thanks guys! I like downfire enclosures. They sound great. These did really well.

Jon Webb

Performance Audio Las Vegas

7035 W. Sahara Ave STE 200


Mobile Electronics Mag 2010-2011

Installer of the Year

Mobile Electronics Mag 2011-2012

Top 100 Installers

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