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The L.A. Gunman (x-cop) drama unfolding now!!

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umm i never knew there was a first hostage?!

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Good rule of thump is go by what fuse size is being used in these amps. The higher the more amperage it pulls, this is what I look at.

I'll stick a 300 amp fuse in a potato and sell it to you for $2k.

1991 Mazda 323VERY small build thread here: http://www.stevemead...23-small-build/

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My particular favorite response was "they're a little busy and don't really have time to update you people"! Loved that one!

However, let me play devils advocate for a moment! DISCLAIMER: I IN NO WAY CONDONE WHAT HE DID, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! However, that being said, this guy has military tactical training, police training, and god knows what other type of training or survival skills............................I WILL NOT be shocked if he got out of there! It speaks volumes that they are not going in there or allowing anyone to come up and put the fire out.

Also would not be surprised to see that this was one big scandal and why he did what he did. But please don't think I'm one of those, I'm not. He needs to pay for what he's done, but someone's hiding or trying to hide something in all this!

That is all! Let's see what happens!

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