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Hello everyone. I'm new to the site and custom car audio. I am trying to get some things figured out for my install that I want to do over the summer. I like to plan things out early so i know what i'm doing when i get to that time. I plan on using one Sundown Audio SA-8 on the Sundown Audio SAZ-1000D amp. I am going more for SQ than SPL. Here is the dimensions and a sketchup I came up with for the box, 12 x 12 x 14 inches with a 2 x 9 inch round port. My questions are is this a good size and tuning for an SA-8? Also would it be ok to use 2 inch schedule 40 pvc pipe for the port. I am still trying to learn and know I have a lot to learn, so any information and explanations would be helpful.

torres box tuning

sketchup box design
Here is the car it will be going into. My 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora that I've had since I was 16.
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Hello and welcome from a fellow "noob" lol. Couple things, don't forget to account for your displacements (.1 for woofer, and any bracing like your port brace). Also if im not mistaken you want your port area per foot to be up around (~9) for round ports, but I may be off a lil. I'm sure someone in the know will chime in though. Also search the sub/enclosure section and you should have no problem finding the answeres to your questions. Good luck on the build.

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Thanks for the info SGT_76. When I posted this I realized that I forgot the subwoofer displacement, which is .08 for the sa-8. I forgot about the brace for the port. The volume of that came out to be .003, so now my tuning comes out to be 34.05. Here is my revised box tuning with the displacement of the woofer and the brace added. Would this tuning and box design be good for the SA-8 and an SQ setup? Any info would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Yeah their website says .08 but for some reason those i have gotten replies back from on here were using .1? So this is what i went with. Since i'll be using 4 subs the .02 difference per sub (if the .08 is indeed the correct figure) will actually lower my tuning by ~.5hz, which im fine with if it happens.

I think your port area is still too small from what i've been told, and read here. A single 3" @ 23"s long gets you to 7.07in sq port area/11.84 port per foot/.60cu ft net/ tuned to 35.56hz. But take my advice with a grain of salt as im still learning as well. Have you posted in the sub/enclosure section?

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