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Second Skin Audio

Smokin' Deal from Second Skin for SMD Members!

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With Tonys consent...

Such a killer deal...

To all SMD Members:
I just called Ken and asked him for a deal that he could extend to SMD Members. As usual, he came through!

The SMD ONLY coupon code: SMDFRESH100

Code Valid through: 03/03/2013

Now how's that for simple?

Ya'll know I won't run anything else in my rides but Second Skin and this is your chance to get your order together and get it shipped FREE!

Thanks Ken!

A BIG THANKS to Second Skin for their continual support of SMD!

Steve Meade

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Free shipping eh? Time for me to order 2 gallons of spectrum.

Same bro...

Im going for the spray gun, SINGER has shown me somthin to do with that!

And, some spectrum, and more AD.....hell yes..

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brusing it on is way easier but it looks much much cleaner when its sprayed

J. Jsig_253411.jpgMy CardomainFINISHED COBALT SS/SC DUAL ALTERNATOR PICS icon_nuts.gif

theres no such thing as too expensive when it comes to upgrades like that, because imo if you are gonna spend to upgrade then do it correctly rather then be a cheap ass ricer
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I just snagged some up for the Presidents day sale and just installed it today. I will need more but not just yet! Great Product, great deal!

2006 Chevy Trailblazer ~ KX 1200.1 ~ 2 Skar VVX 15" ~Big 3 upgrade ~ Pioneer AVH 4100 ~ 275 Amp Singer Alt ~ PRV 6.5 front doors~ 6000K Hids

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