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Windshield decal problem

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So I recently changed my system from FI to DC audio. I think BOTH companies kick ass period. I just went from a 18 btl to two level 4 15's to push more air and DB's of coarse. I like to rep what brand of shit I'm running, just cause thats how I roll. My town has nothing but kicker JL and Diamond. ect. I have a slight problem though. I ordered a decal sticker to fit my windshield last week and I noticed that the sticker itself was a little dry when it arrived in the mail. I didn’t think much of it and put it on my windshield after I had my system installed. When I put it on. I made completely sure the surface of the window was clean with windex and absolutely dry. When I applied the sticker, I pressed pretty hard so the sticker would stick the best it could. On all around the entire sticker. When I began to peel it of I was starting to see some of the letters were not sticking. Right then and there I was in the Uhh ohhh state of mind. The further I peeled it off some of the stickers were sticking and some were not. After I peeled the entire tape off some of the letters were loose to the touch. And the very next day it rained. (I live in Oregon, it rains a lot) Then some more letters just started to drip down my windshield. I knew I right then and there the decal is a goner. It sucks I paid 15 bucks for it plus shipping, more like 22 bucks. I tried to email them and tried to contact them on facebook, but got no answer.I just don't want to pay for another one at full price when I feel like I got a bad or a old decal. Any help out there?

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look at the bright side. it was crooked anyways lol.

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Yeah. im pretty sure they dont warranty retarded people.

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technically you should wet the windshield while putting on a decal so you can position it well, then squeegie it out before you peel the backing off.

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