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NEW PRODUCT! SMD SunFlash - UV Activated Polyester Resin (AVAILABLE NOW!)

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How much will it cost for the quart, gallon, etc.?

i can't lie, it is a little more expensive, but worth it when you see the difference. The main people that will see and enjoy the HELL out of the difference are people who have used the other stuff a lot.i still have the same brush, AND cup (with 1/2 quart) in it sitting in the shop and i used it 2 weeks ago. As long as the sun don't hit it, it will stay fresh.

You got me sold! Defiantly worth a try, I'm gonna buy it mainly because of this south alabama heat!



SD, thank for the input. I would have replied earlier, but I was measuring the output of my amp with a yardstick . . .

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Damn, this is a great find.

I never like mixing it up, because I usually need small amounts and don't like to waste a cup and brush.

Could you tell me if I would be able to find it under a other name in Europe? (could you tell me the company?)

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looks like a great idea....wish we could see it in action....

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guys, i can't even open it yet, i don't have my drum tipper or my spout....or the empty containers.. but give me time, i will have everything ready hopefully next week. This shit is taking more time then i thought but there is more to it then i thought.

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