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I got an old school Rockford fosgate Rfx9220g stereo copper chassis

And my big problem is that I need the face plate and wiring harness

If anyone has parts ill be willing to work out some sort of deal on them

I really don't care the condition as long as their in one piece and functional I can work with extremely short wires and cracks ect

Or any leads to getting parts would be awesome

Thank you

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Here is a complete on on ebay. Probably cheaper this way. you can get the harness from Rockford they still carry them but the faceplate people usually sell them for a lot 50-70 bucks.


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you call them up on there phone number listed.


And yet another typo that can't be blamed on I-gadgets :-)

it's 480 not 408

Phone (480) 967-3565

Toll-Free 1 -800-669-9899

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