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Computer Chronicals - Buying a new computer (1993)

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I had an IBM 8088 which ran PRODOS, then a 286 16 with 18,mhz turbo.

486 dx4 100 Dos 5.2 Win 3.0

AMD K6-2 233 Windows 95 / NT 4.0

Intel Celeron 333 NT 4.0

Dual Celero 366 @ 483 mhz 1 gig of ram NT 4.0

Dual PIII 900 @ 966 2 gigs of ram Windows 2000

3.0 ghz P4 2 gigs of ram Windows XP

core2duo 8 gigs or ram Vista x64

i7 24 gigs of ram Win7 x64

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damn your all showing your age.. stay out of this thread :)

I remember Apple ][e was the hot item

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