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First off, my assumption is that you are white? And now tattooed with a tattoo that is of traditional Mexican culture...just stupid. And secondly she looks like a man, no definition in her face and jawbone is too big.

BUMP. Put up a colored picture too. Glad your dumbass is banned hahaha. I love this tattoo tah fucking death. Seeing it in color, you wouldn't be making that comment. It may be part of a "Mexican Culture" but I look at it in a different way. In a way to appreciate what my mother and grandmother have done for me. So with that being said, to hell with you fuck boy :yahoo:

Thanks everyone for all the comments! A larger piece is going on my right leg soon ;) and I will for sure post it up on here!

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Dude is a dick and useless, who cares what color people are getting what tattoos. I'm Samoan mixed with a little German and Irish but look white. Should I listen to an idiot judging me because I'm white with traditional Samoan tattoos, two of which applied by traditional means? Get out of here.

That said the ink looks awesome except...the jaw line. I wouldn't say no definition, I'd say too large. You should see if they can add some hair to make the jaw line smaller and more feminine. I still think jets dope and before I started working on armor on. my right arm I really was stuck on some day of the dead stuff

^^ Ditto. I'd agree with the fact that the jawline may be a bit large or long; However, I also think it could be fixed with minor touch ups. Besides that, dope ink man. Some people are gonna be ignorant, but as long as you're happy with your art, that is all that matters!

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