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Skar Audio "Vindictive" VD Series Shallow Woofer Line - ETA : 7/31/13

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it looks like the sundown sd-2 model subs I got the sd-2 10d4 looks just like it.

Motor design is completely different as well as venting, basket is similar looking yes.

We may in fact keep the stitching in the color it is, seems a lot of customers really like it :P.

I meant to say the basket but I do love the yellow stitching wish mine was white

02 dodge ram 1500 reg cab 3rd gen

2 sundown sd-2 d4

soundstream rub1.2500 amp

all sky high car audio-fuse,fuse holder,wire,ring lugs and rca

flex tech

box design by Joe X

supension-mcgaughys 2in drop spindal ,western chassis 6in flip kit,buddy custom c-notch

04 5.7l hemi motor swap and made it an slt eletric everthing

youtube channel-http://www.youtube.c...43?feature=mhee


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The sub looks good but the name...


Venereal disease 12


2005 Dodge Magnum RT

2 PPI S580.2

Obsidian Audio ST1 Horn Tweeters

PRV 8MB450s

Audio Legion 3500.1D

2 RE MT 18s

360 ah LiFePO4 Battery
SHCA 2/0

155.2 @ 29 hz

Kicker CVR 15's build
DD 3512e build
Mini T-Line Build
(6) 8s Build
Nightshade 15s Wall Build
Magnum AB XFL 12s Build
Newest Magnum Build

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These should be finished production by end of week and headed our way next week sometime, which means we will have them before the end of next month! PRE-Sale startting in 2 weeks!

Skar Audio

Phone : (888) 501-7527


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Updated pictures! Have made a lot of revisions and in return production has finished and these things turned out quite a lot beefier than we originally posted! We are super excited to get the VD line in this time next month!





Skar Audio

Phone : (888) 501-7527


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